All about us: episode 1 - the cabin

Hi there and welcome to the 'about us' series. We are lucky enough to know so many of our amazing customers through social media and love hearing all about you. So we thought it was time we introduced you to all things McMaster Family!

Starting off with the Equestrian Collective headquarters AKA the Cabin!

I (Mollie) had been trying to find a way to have some type of office for a little while, but was stuck on what I really wanted. There are so many different outdoor offices available and I honestly wasn't entirely sure what I wanted. Converting a shipping container looked promising, but was going to be a huge amount of work! Where as a converted caravan looked alright, but wasn't going to be big enough. I'd been keeping my eye out for some type of portable office on various online market places but knew transport was going to be a huge issue.

In the end, the search ended right where it started and I was lucky enough to of bought the cabin off a neighbour in early 2019. 

 Having the best neighbours came in handy once again when they levelled off a spot for it, delivered it and dug the trenches for power.

Pictured is my dog Archie making himself at home in the cabin about 10 minutes after it was delivered. His favourite spot to sleep is right between the two rooms, in the prime human tripping spot.


The first thing I did was take the glass shards before the dogs (or more likely me) could take a foot off on it and then I got started on ripping out the old carpet. Who knew carpet could hold so much dirt?!

There had been an old fireplace in when it was used as a beach cabin and you might think after the first time of falling down the hole I would work out to look where I step, but apparently not! I fell in it wayyy too many times.

 I enlisted my father (Ando) to help  and he worked out a way to get the hole filled in. While also getting it somewhat level. It creaks a bit when you walk on it now, but all in all that fix has been a success!






Then I started the process of scrubbing of the old mould from the walls, which thankfully was a much easier job than I anticipated and I came to fully appreciate the wonder that is Sugar Soap!

 After painting the walls and the skirting board, I got Ando on board again to help me lay the floor boards down and then it really started to come together!

And just like that the cabin was nearly ready to be used! Well there was a little more to it than that and goodness the bench was a hassle and a half to get in! But from the moment the power went on, it was useable and the new headquarters. Our next project will be extending the size of it and getting in some additional storage. Just don't tell the rest of the family, I'm not sure they're going to be happy about the extra work!

 We often feature the cabin in our instagram stories, so be sure to follow @equestrian_collective to see more!

PS, you can get your own custom horseshoe signs from Rustic Horseshoe Designs. They are absolutely breathtaking and seriously well priced! 



Until next time,
- Team E-C xoxo 








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